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Let's unlock that skill! Choose from Beginner (Level 1) or Higher Courses (Level 2 and up) and register online. Join the live sessions and get access to dozens of curated reference materials, modules and class recordings available 24/7 in the virtual classroom.

Beginner Courses

Beginner Courses
(Level 1)

Welcome to a new world of endless possibilities! Our beginner courses are your gateway to learning a new language, boosting your professional profile, meeting new people and seeing the world in a different light.


Our beginner courses typically provide our students fundamental, practical and applicable knowledge of the languages they are studying so they can immediately and effectively converse and manage a basic interaction.

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Korean 1

Korean for Beginners

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French 1

French for Beginners

Basic Spanish A1 Online Course Verb Hive Language Learning.png


Spanish 1

Spanish for Beginners



Japanese 1

Japanese for Beginners

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