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Schedule TBC


Teacher: Jayden

Chinese 2 (Elementary Chinese) with Jayden

Course fee: P6,000 | A 30-hour interactive online course, live via Zoom, a continuation of Chinese 1

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Chinese 2 (Elementary Chinese) with Jayden


Schedule TBC

Teacher: Jayden



  • Course Fee: P6,000
  • Schedule: TBC
  • Teacher: Jayden (Korean)
  • Course Duration: 30 synchronous hours in total

Choose your preferred payment option:

1. Enjoy P500 off and pay only P5,500 upfront


2. Study Now, Pay Later - Pay only 50% (P3,000) upon registration, the remaning 50% before completing 15 hours (halfway through your course)

This course includes 30 hours of live, interactive online classes via Zoom, access to a library of learning materials, and a digital certificate of completion subject to student performance. Please be reminded that you are required to have a stable internet connection and the Zoom app ( installed on your device.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Use basic expressions in day-to-day life and solving simple problems
  • Use various expressions related to time
  • Ask questions naturally
  • Directly and indirectly express opinions
  • Describe one's self

📺 All lectures are recorded and saved in the library. If you miss a class, just watch the recording that you’ve missed and review the lesson at your own pace. You may ask questions when you join the next online class.

In Chinese 1, we prioritized understanding pronunciation and sentence structures than reading and writing Chinese

characters (汉字); however, in Chinese 2, we now prioritze learning Chinese characters (汉字) in order to take the

HSK test. 老师 Teacher will help you to express your life in Chinese by acquiring various expressions.

🎓 At the end of the course, you will gain a Certificate of Completion and the knowledge to take the actual skills test. We will also be offering the next level courses, so your language learning journey continues.

🗣 Why learn a new language?

  • Boost your career opportunities
  • Facilitate your move to a new country
  • Enjoy your travels more
  • Discover more things, know more people, make new friends
  • Speaking another language is cool!
  • Improve yourself - learning is never-ending!





  • Online Registration - Ticket


    This ticket will be activated upon payment of the course fee offline.






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