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Thai 2 - Dec 2022

Elementary Thai | Course fee: P5,998 (discount & instalment plan available on checkout)

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Thai 2 - Dec 2022


Dec 10, 2022, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT+8

Online Live & Recorded



  • Course Fee: P5,998 (discount & instalment plan available on checkout)
  • Professor: Por
  • Schedule: Weekly every Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm Philippine Time
  • Course Duration: 10 sessions in 10 weeks, 20 synchronous hours in total

Get online classes and so much more!

  • 20 hours of live, interactive, online classes
  • Mentorship from a professional, expert language teacher
  • Membership in a virtual classroom with a library of learning materials and video recordings
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Limited number of participants for optimal language learning

You'll only need a few things...

  • Stable internet connection especially during live sessions
  • Viewing device with microphone - laptop, phone, or tablet (camera optional)
  • Zoom app installed on viewing device - Download for free at

Entry Requirements

Prior knowledge of basic Thai is required for this course. Learners should know the following Thai consonants and vowels and be able to read in Thai: (ก ข/ค ง จ ฉ/ช ซ/ศ,ษ,ส ญ,ย ณ,น ด ต ถ/ท,ธ บ ป ฝ/ฟ ผ/พ,ภ ร ล,ฬ ว ห/ฮ), (อะ อา อิ อี อึ อื อุ อู เอะ เอ แอะ แอ โอะ โอ เอาะ ออ เอะ เออ). Learners should also know personal pronouns, verbs, questions words and how to ask, colors, numbers, every life, jobs and places, days and months, and understand the following sentences. e.g. ผม ไม่ ออก กำ ลัง กาย ที่ ตลาด เด็กๆ เล่น มือ ถือ อยู่ ใน ห้อง ชอบ กิน อะ โด โบ้ หมู มั้ย พี่ ไป ซื้อ ของ ที่ ห้าง วัน อาทิตย์

Test yourself here. Should you wish to proceed without meeting the requirements above, you must be prepared to study beginners' lessons by yourself to keep up with the lessons for this level.

Easy on the pocket

Choose your preferred payment method for the course fee:

  • GET A DISCOUNT - Enjoy a P500 Early Bee discount - Pay only P5,498 upon enrollment!


  • PAY IN INSTALLMENTS - Study Now, Pay Later! Pay only half or P2,999 upon enrollment, the remaining half to be paid midway through the course.

Never miss a class

All lectures are recorded and saved in the library. If you miss a class, just watch the recording that you’ve missed and review the lesson at your own pace. You may ask questions when you join the next online class.

🎓 At the end of the course, you will gain a certificate of completion and the knowledge to take the actual skills test. We will also be offering the next-level courses, so your language learning journey continues.

More about the teacher

Por graduated from Chulalongkorn University, one of Asia's leading universities. A native Thai speaker, she studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and has been professionally teaching languages to Thai and foreign students alike. She manages her own language and academic tutorial center in her native land of Surin, Thailand.

🗣 Why learn a new language?

  • Boost your career opportunities
  • Facilitate your move to a new country
  • Enjoy your travels more
  • Discover more things, know more people, make new friends
  • Speaking another language is cool!
  • Improve yourself - learning is never-ending!

⚠️ To facilitate optimal language learning, the number of students for this class is limited and enrollment is first come, first served. Note that online registration is free and all payments toward the course fee are completed after registration. The modes of payment and payment instructions will be emailed to you after registration.





  • 1 ticket (P5,998) per student


    Note: This online registration is FREE and NOT a guarantee of enrolment until the course fee is paid. Your registration will be activated after receipt of payment.






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