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널 위해 너한테 뭘 해주냐고? What do you do for yourself? 🐝🇰🇷

♥️ What have you done for yourself lately that truly made you happy? ♥️

We all deserve to pursue our happiness, and our choices need no validation.

Want to have coffee ☕️ alone? Want to cut your hair 💇🏻‍♀️? Want to try a new workout 💪? Go ahead, do it for yourself. 💖

Want to watch K-Dramas 🇰🇷 📺 without subtitles? Well, I can help you with that. 👩🏻‍🏫

✅ Enroll in my Beginners’ Korean 🇰🇷 (Korean 1) course, and take the first step in mastering the Korean language and culture.

✅ Do you have prior knowledge of Korean 🇰🇷, and want to take your skills further? I also offer Elementary Korean (Korean 2) to suit more advanced students.

👉 I am a professional Korean language instructor, experienced in teaching the language from the basic to the academic levels. I graduated in Linguistics and have a master’s degree in Korean Education from Korea University in Seoul.

🗓 My courses are starting very soon! 💻 Head to for details and to enroll

Give yourself a chance to widen your world and discover new things. Learn Korean 🇰🇷 with me, Yen.