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5 High-Paying Jobs for Multi-linguals

With globalization and increasing competition in the job market, a professional knowledge of one or more foreign languages offers one access to more opportunities and provides a true edge in almost any career.

Learning other languages can provide you with a huge career boost and will greatly enhance your skill set. It increases your chances of earning a bigger salary, and allows you to explore opportunities in major foreign economies, which are often higher-paying.

The Philippines is a top destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, often referred to as call centers. BPO specialists normally need to attend to clients based around the world. In recent years, BPO companies have been ramping up the hiring of foreign language speakers. They pay a premium for Customer Service Specialists or Agents who can speak other languages, and this significantly increases their earnings.

Global airlines fly to almost all countries across the world. It is therefore imperative that their crew members or flight attendants come from different countries and are able to speak several languages. Knowledge of foreign languages allows crew members to relate to and address the concerns of non-English speaking passengers, and communicate better with their colleagues.

Hotels, resorts, tourist attractions, even cruise liners, need multi-lingual speakers to communicate to visitors from all over the world. Professionals, like desk clerks, concierges, restaurant staff or managers, who are able to speak other languages may find more opportunities with a wider variety of routes.

There are opportunities for healthcare workers around the world - from the US, Canada, UK, Europe to Asia! Healthcare workers looking to land global opportunities often need to pass language proficiency exams in order to qualify. Also, a knowledge of foreign languages will allow them to better communicate with their patients and their colleagues. Of course, proper and clear communication is important in a hospital, clinic or any medical setting.

Information Technology or IT Consultants find opportunities in almost any place around the world. Now more than ever, IT has become an integral part of any operation, company or government offices. IT Consultants are often required to attend meetings, or travel and stay on-site with global clients. Being a multi-lingual is a significant advantage for a Consultant looking to work with a wider range of projects with international organizations.