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Four relatable French-Speaking Youtubers

While we produce original content here at Verb Hive, we also like to recommend excellent sources you can enjoy to improve your understanding of the foreign language you are learning.

Throughout my studies, exposure, and experience learning, teaching, and speaking French, I've come to know these Youtubers, whom I believe could help you better grasp French even at the beginner level. These content creators present authentic situations in a didactic method, contextualized from the point of view of foreigners and relating it to native French speakers' perspectives, that can help you process and appreciate the foundations of basic French.

Check out these videos. They're free and are equipped with subtitles and supplementary materials to complement your classes here in Verb Hive.

Teacher Leni's personal favorites and recommendations:

Let me know what you think of these digital creators. Have you seen these Youtubers yet? What have you learned? Do you have any other channel recommendations? Let us know in the comments!