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5 Methods of Language Learning Used in a Language Class

Many people nowadays learn a new language for a variety of reasons. Some to get promoted or secure a bilingual or multilingual role. Some to pursue studies abroad. Others to prepare for migration. While a number just to have fun and pick up a new awesome skill.

There are abundant resources available to those who want to get started on their own. There are mobile apps, websites, downloadable documents, YouTube videos, podcasts, and many more. Despite this, many language self-learners struggle to make significant progress, and for many this leads to frustration and disinterest.

A possible reason for this is that a student may be trying to learn a language in a way that does not match his learning style. Not all learning materials and resources are fit for all learners. Self-study methods that work for one learner may not necessarily produce results for another.

Here is where the guidance of a teacher makes a difference. Professional and educated language teachers are able to tailor their teaching approaches to students’ learning styles, which helps accelerate learning and bring about notable progress.

Here are some methods that your teachers may use in class:

  • Audio-lingual Method: This method stresses repetition and memorization in order to form the habits of using the new language. In a class for instance, the teachers may ask their students to repeat important words or useful phrases several times and with the appropriate tone or accent. This way, the students may be familiarized with the vocabulary, sound, intonation or structure of new expressions.

  • Communicative Approach: This method incorporates the elements of communication into learning the new language. Students are taught expressions that are useful in typical situations. For example, students will learn how to introduce themselves, go shopping, order in a restaurant, make a reservation, ask for directions, buy train or plane tickets, etc. In this way, students learn conversations and expressions within a context so they are better prepared to communicate than those who just memorized stand-alone words or sentences.

  • Total Physical Response: This approach encourages students to get physically involved in the instruction and take an active role in their learning. Here is where teachers would introduce games, break-out sessions or activities that require the students to actively participate. Nowadays, there are myriad online resources available that allow teachers to invite active participation and keep the attention and interest of their students, like interactive online games, flash cards, collaborative white boards, and the like.

  • Whole Language Approach: This approach centers on the structure and rules of the language in order for students to learn how it is correctly used. Exercises involved in this approach include reading and analyzing text, and writing, from short paragraphs to elaborate narrations. This method is most useful for those who need to master the language or use it for academic or professional purposes.

  • Immersion Method: This method features full immersion in the language and is focused on building the confidence of students. Here, teachers introduce songs, stories, movies, and elements of the culture of the countries speaking the target language. Teachers who are based in these countries “show” their students around and demonstrate real-life applications of the lessons (thanks to online classes, this is now possible). Some teachers invite native speakers or advanced learners as guests, and let them interact with the current students to encourage actual interactions in the foreign language.

In order to learn a language, first find out how to learn a language. When students realize and understand the learning style most suitable to them, the actual learning process becomes easier.

Professional and educated language teachers can help you get to where you want. They incorporate a variety of teaching methods in their classes to form proficient, confident and well-rounded students.

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