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Meet our newest French teacher, Raf! 🇫🇷

✅ Raf (Raphaël) is a professional French, German, Italian and English language teacher with extensive experience in teaching in universities, schools and online platforms.

✅ He is currently representing the University of Cambridge as an English teacher in one of Taiwan’s prestigious high schools.

✅ He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Foreign Language Education from the University Paris-Est Marne la Vallée and is currently pursuing a Master’s program in Tourism and Management in Taiwan.

✅ He is proficient in six languages, including French (native), German, Italian, English, Chinese and Spanish.

🗓 Join him in his beginner French course! Visit for complete details and to register.

What are you excited about in learning French? 🇫🇷 Let us know! ✍🏻

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