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6 Countries You Can Easily Move To ✈️

A World of Opportunities Awaits!

Worried about the outcome of the elections? Exercise your democratic right to exit the republic!

Be it for a higher standard of living, better work opportunities, globally recognized education or more stable social and political climates, migrating abroad may lead to the future you envision for you and your family.

1. France

One of the most visited countries in the world, Filipinos can study in France under PhilFrance scholarships. Awardees may pursue a master’s degree taught in French higher education institutions, either public or private, in all academic disciplines, or doctorate in French public universities.

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2. South Korea

Through the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), run by Korea's National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED), Filipino students can study and go to the country for free. GKS is designed to provide international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea at graduate-level degrees.

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3. Thailand

For those Filipino travelers who do not have an existing visa, you are in luck because of Thailand’s Visa Exemption Scheme. The Philippines is part of the Visa Exempt Countries list and its citizens can travel and stay as a tourist in Thailand for a maximum of 30 days without a visa.