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[Spanish] The importance of mental health 🧠

¡Hola chicos! 👋🏻 Espero que todo esté bien con vosotros! 🙏🏼 Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you.

I created this new video to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. ♥️ Keeping your mind and spirit healthy is as important as taking care of your body. It is essential that we take some time to rest and have fun when we can.

A good way to keep a healthy mind is to learn a new language and see the world in a new light! 🌎🌟 Why don’t you learn Spanish 🇪🇸 with me? 🤩

⏰ 30 full-hours of LIVE online classes with me!

📚 Tailored course modules that I myself wrote and developed

📹 Recordings of all sessions so you can catch up and master each topic

👨🏼‍🏫 Virtual classroom access where I will store your course materials and interact with you

👨🏼‍🎓 I am an experience teacher of Spanish trained in UP Diliman and in Spain and Italy

🖥 My beginners’ courses are starting soon! Please head to to enroll!

Come discovery the beauty and magic of Spanish 🇪🇸. Do something that makes you happy. I welcome you to my class.

¡Os espero en mi curso! I will wait for you in my course!