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[Thai 🇹🇭] Making Pink Milk for P’Arthit 🧡

สวัสดี ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก ! Hello, nice to meet you!

A way to man’s heart is through his stomach! ♥️

Today, I will make pink milk 🥛 for the cute campus crush P’Arthit and hopes he notices me while Kongpop is away! 🤭😂 #Sotus #SotusS Watch until the end to see what happens to our love story! 💖😍😘

You can do this too! 👏 It’s easy, delicious and fun!

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🇹🇭 I am a native Thai teacher from Chulalongkorn U

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เจอกัน ! See you!