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Welcome to my Planti-Thai Life! 🌸🌼

Hello, everyone! It's your Planti-Thai Kruu Por! 🌸🌱

♥️ The world is so beautiful it deserves to be described! Today, I will teach you how to describe things correctly in Thai 🇹🇭. Let have this flower 🌷 as an example, and also learn some colors along the way. 👍

Do you like to learn more of my language? Please join my Beginners’ Thai course starting soon!

This is your chance to

⭐️ Learn the basics of Thai or improve your Thai with a professional teacher

⭐️ Be guided by a native speaker in correctly pronouncing the tones of words

⭐️ Interact with me about our culture and traditions

⭐️ Enjoy Thai series and songs while learning

⭐️ Ask me about how to study, work and live in Thailand if you’re interested

We are starting very soon so enroll now!

Head to to enroll in my course for a very friendly course fee.

We also have discounts and payment plans so take advantage!

รออยู่นะคะ I will wait for you!

-Kruu Por