Korean 2 - Oct 2022 | Oct 09, 2:00 PM GMT+8 – Dec 11, 5:00 PM GMT+8 Online Live & Recorded

Course Program


  • Conjugate irregular verbs and adjectives easily

  • Differentiate Formal and Informal polite endings in Korean

  • Use the conjunction -지만 to connect to sentences

  • Give reasons for certain actions

  • Suggest an activity or invite your friends in Korean using –(으)ᄅ래요 or - 아/어 보세요

  • Narrate two events in chronological order

  • Express a reason for an action using –(으)니까

  • Enrich vocabulary with words regarding feelings and personality

  • Present your listener with options

  • Use the conjunction -는데, -은데/- ᄂ 데